1959 Buick Disassembly

Before starting the disassembly we noticed that the chrome rear valence (under the bumper) is not correct for this model.  The only models with a chrome valence were the Electra 225 four door hardtop and the Electra 225 four door riviera sedan-hardtop.  The rear valence on the Electra 225 convertible should be body color.

Starting the disassembly process…

The original leather has all been replaced with incorrect vinyl in the wrong pattern and color.  The replacement carpeting is a cut pile as opposed to the original loop style and its generally shot.

The chrome pieces being removed in the below pic are specific to the Electra series…

The doors, top, hood, trunk and fenders have all been removed…

The only rust so far is a small hole under the passenger side door sill…

The front half seems to be coming apart smoothly…

Parts are being blasted, painted, and hung to dry as they come off the car…

The interior is almost totally removed…

Note the overspray on the heater box from a previous amateur incorrect dash restoration…


~ Tom Sidoti
1959 Buick Electra 225 Convertible

3 Responses to “1959 Buick Disassembly”

  1. 1fine59 says:


    Thanks for the nice comments on my 59 Buick Restoration. I may be able to help you find a hood…do you also have a 59 Electra 225 Convertible? If so, what color is it and does it have any options?


  2. Neil Falcucci says:

    Was surfing the web & found a picture of your Buick (a beauty) – I own the baby sister version of your car (a LeSabre) in the same color combination – I noticed the N.J. plates – don’t know where you’re located but let me know if you like to get these cars together sometime.
    Neil Falcucci
    Asbury, N.J.

  3. 1fine59 says:

    Nice to hear from a fellow Buick 59’er. I’m located in North Jersey…but just might take the car South at some point this spring or summer for a car show.
    If you’ve never visited, please check out the 59 Buick forum at http://www.buick-59.com, its a free website. There are a whole bunch of 59 Buick owners on the site and it would be great if you visited and introduced yourself. How long have you owned your car?
    ~ Tom

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